Memo list
Memo Number and Date Subject of Memo Download
882-FS/Sectt/Food/4P-06/2020(Pt.-II)(02-03-2021) WBECSC Revised Target []
658-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-06/2020(Pt.-II)(15-02-2021) NAFED revised target []
443-FNS/24014/1/2020-PROC SEC-Dept.of FNS/Food/4P-06/2020(03-02-2021) Order on use of once used Gunny Bags in KMS 2020-21 []
235-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-06/2020(18-01-2021) The revised target of Procurement of Paddy by BENFED for KMS 2020-2021 []
161(2)-FS/Sectt./Food/4P-06/2020(13-01-2021) The revised target of Procurement of Paddy by PBAMCL and NAFED for KMS 2020-2021 []
232-FNS-24021/1/2020-ADLS(FNS)-Dept. Of FNS(18-01-2021) Order on relaxation of paddy limit []
3006-FS/Sectt/Food/4P-06/2020(10-12-2020) On allowing Joint account for farmers []
2840-FS/Sectt/Food/4P-06/2020(07-12-2020) Timely submission of Bills & standardized Muster Roll for KMS 2020-21 [] []
2766-FS/Sectt/Food/4P-15/2016(11-11-2020) Guidelines on processing pending payments in KMS 2019-20 []
2706-FS/O/Sectt/DP/4M-24/2016(Pt.I)(05-11-2020) Corrigendum to PPO order []
2608-FNS-24021/1/2020-ADLS(FNS)(15-10-2020) CPC opening []